Master’s in Linguistics – Specialization in Signs, Discourse and Society (SDS)



The Master’s in Linguistics has two specializations : Signs, Discourse and Society (SDS), which is a research-based program, and Expertise in Semiotics and Communication (ESC) which is an applied program. Both specialties have the same courses in M1 and branch off in M2.

The SDS specialization is open to all students interested in the role of language – in the broadest sense, including iconic signs – in social dynamics.

It is open not only to holders of a Bachelor’s in Linguistics but also to students of humanities and social sciences (sociology, history, anthropology, political sciences), literature, languages, communication and to students from other fields who hold language in high esteem.



Students of the Master’s in Linguistics will learn about the study of how language is used in society, from the sociolinguistic, discursive and semiotic points of view. They will also learn about the tools used in general linguistics. Discourse will be examined in its complexity, both as drivers and producers of social and professional practices, and will be analyzed in a range of particular contexts of production (societies, cities, institutions, businesses, verbal communication, etc.). Language is more than an instrument of communication. It will be examined in its social, symbolic and pragmatic dimensions and we will be observing its dynamics with other social practices in a wide variety of social spaces (families, institutions, the workplace, schools, politics, the media, etc.).


Pre-requisites to be admitted to M1 :

  •  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent


Pre-requisites to be admitted to M2 :

  • M1 in Linguistics (from another French university)


Admission criteria for M1 :

  • application file + interview  


Admission criteria for M2 :

  • Automatic for holders of the M1 in SDS.
  • For students who did not do the M1 in SDS: application file + interview  


Application period (M1 & M2) for the 2021-2022 academic year: from April 15, 2021 to June 1, 2021.


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