Doctoral School

Doctoral School (ED) 624 : Social Sciences

The ED 624 is grounded in a wide variety of disciplines and promotes interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. Fields of study range from anthropology, architecture, economics, geography, history & civilization, political philosophy, sociology, among others. Nearly 450 doctoral candidates work in the 14 laboratories of our Doctoral School, all with varying statuses and research areas.


Doctoral department
M. Jérôme Brocheriou

The School is divided into two departments:

  • Department 1 has seven laboratories: CANTHEL, CEPED, CERLIS, Cermes3, LCSP, PHILéPOL, URMIS
    Directors: Laurence Simmat-Durand & Marie-Anne Dujarier (deputy)
    Office Manager: Jérôme Brocheriou
  • Department 2 has eight laboratories: ANHIMA, CESSMA, EVCAU, Géographie-cités, ICT, LADYSS, LIED, PRODIG
    Directors: Patrick Farges & Antoine Rebérioux (deputy)
    Office Manager: Sarah Rahmani

One of the main characteristics of the ED is its international outlook, as many of our doctoral candidates represent the cultures of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Europe. In addition to this cultural aspect, the School conducts research with a diachronic approach, critically analyzes all components of contemporary issues and compares them in light of the history of the many civilizations and societies studied.


  • Adress : Université Paris Cité, Gerson Galerie – Stairs G2 – 1st floor, 54 rue Saint-Jacques – 75005 Paris
  • Director Doctoral School  : Mme Laurence Simmat-Durand , Teacher at Université Paris Cité – Desk F 679
  • ED 180 Secretariat  Mme Christine Girard , Desk F 677, phone :
  • Doctoral Department  M. Jérôme Brocheriou , Desk F 681, phone :