L3 in Education – Remote program


The “Intervention in the Sectors of Education, Training, Social Work and Health” specialization has two specific components. It provides students with general skills in education and can benefit from full remote delivery.

This program is targeted at professionals who wish to obtain undergraduate-level training in order to advance in their career or move into another field.

Courses cover the issues faced today in the sectors mentioned above in a multidisciplinary manner, which is a key aspect of the education field.

The approaches stem from anthropology, teaching, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology. Students will identify the social, psychological and teaching issues found in the teacher-learner relationship, and relationships outside of the educational sector (business-client) such as practitioner-patient and social worker-aid beneficiary. They will also analyze issues relating to career development, professional socialization and the learning process throughout various stages of life.

Methodological and technical assistance is also provided through tutorials so that our students, who are often returning to school, can obtain quality teaching and have the same chance for success as with traditional modes of delivery.




  • The remote program is primarily for people who work full time in education, teaching, social medicine and socio-educational intervention.
  • It is also open to people living with a disability, high-level athletes and people who live far from the university campus.


Admission Criteria: 

Expected level: 

– University diploma or L2 in education, sociology or psychology
– University diploma in social development (any specialty)
– Any national diploma in social work (DEEJE, DEASS, DEES, DEIS, CAFDES, CAFERUIS).


For the September 2021 intake : applications open from May 4 to July 17, 2021 – Program selection on E-Candidat only.

Candidates who wish to register for remote delivery must submit an application; successful candidates will be determined by an academic commission.

 Important notice : space in the program is limited.