Bachelor’s in Education



 Two specializations are available starting in L1: “Primary Education” (PE) and “Social Cohesion” – A third specialization is available in L3: “Intervention in the Sectors of Education, Training, Social Work and Health” (remote program – specific audience).

The field of education aims to study and research educational processes, teacher-learner situations and training situations, and explores them using a range of other disciplines.



 The Bachelor’s in Education provides students with the fundamentals of social sciences, psychology, teaching and knowledge building. The program lasts three years, the first of which presents the many careers in education to students and gradually introduces them to the discipline. In the second year, students will broaden their knowledge of education before choosing a specialization in L3.

Students interested in working as schoolteachers (primary education) or academic counselors can benefit from specific teaching modules for the respective national exams throughout the program.



 Admission Criteria: 

  • Level required in L1 (first year): General, Technological or Professional Baccalaureate
  • Level required in L2 (second year): L1 in education or equivalent based on application profile
  • Level required in L3 (third year): L2 in education or equivalent based on application profile

In addition to these prerequisites, admission is based on available space.

How to Apply

  • L1: via Parcoursup
  • L2 and L3: via Campus France for foreign students or the E-Candidat platform for students already registered in France.