Master’s in Teaching, Education and Training (MEEF) (M1) – Academic Counseling



The Master’s in MEEF – Academic Counseling was created for the 2013 academic year by Université Paris Cité and Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Education de Paris (ESPE).

Graduates of this program can sit the academic counselor national entrance exam. 

The program is jointly led by the Department of Education of Université Paris Cité and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of ESPE.




  • The role of academic counselors is educational, informative and organizational, and requires strong academic knowledge, observation skills and the ability to analyze complex learning situations. Today, academic counselors are seen as major players in schools who lead and execute local educational policies. To fully carry out their duties, they must understand the main challenges and current issues in education, and act accordingly based on context.

The Master’s in MEEF – Academic Counseling prepares students for the labor market and has three objectives:

  •  Imparting multidisciplinary skills in education (sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, anthropology) so that future academic counselors have a solid academic knowledge base,
  • Teaching various methodologies for research and analysis of professional situations so that students can write their master’s thesis; making the connection between the professional challenges and the scientific aspects of education,
  • Giving graduates the ability to place themselves in an educational context and execute the duties of academic counselors.




Admission Criteria

This master’s program is open to all students with a bachelor’s degree.

All applications will be examined by an admissions commission. These should include information on the applicant’s academic trajectory, relevant work experience and a cover letter expressing their reasons for pursuing the program.


How to Apply

Information and registration for the Master’s in MEEF – Academic Counseling : ESPE de Paris

Online applications